Cressi Octopus XS Compact


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*Cressi XS Compact Octopus Features :

-Reliable Downstream Demand Valve
-Large Soft Purge Cover
-Venturi Dive/Pre-Dive Switch: Prevent Free-Flow when Not in Use
-Yellow Front Cover for Easy Identification in an Out-of-Air-Emergency
-Housing: Durable Non-Corrosive Hi-Tech Polymers
-Comfortable Mouthpiece
-Weight: w/o Hose 4.76 oz. (135 g)
-Hose Length: 39″ (100 cm)
-3/8″ Thread Hose
-Owner’s Manual

*Cressi XS Compact Octopus Specifications :

Adjustable 2’nd Stage
Yes, Venturi Pre-Dive/Dive Switch
2’nd Stage Type
Downstream Demand Valve
Housing; Polymers, Diaphragm and Mouthpiece; Silicone
Hose Thread
Hose Length
39″ (100 cm)


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