Frequently Asked Question

Here are some of the common questions we receive

1. Applications with customizable designs and features based on your requirements

2. E-Catalog Website or Online Shop (for Enterprise and Custom packages)

3. Free domain (.com or .id) and VPS Hosting.

4. Dashboard and Application Settings (CMS -Web Based)

5. Streamlined Product Management

6. Efficient Import and Export Products

7. Integrated Coupon and Voucher Code Features

8. Diverse Payment Gateway Options (OVO, Gopay, Shopeepay, etc.)

9. Shipment Gateway Integration (JNE, J&T, SiCepat, etc.)

10. Comprehensive Sales Report

11. 12 Months (1 Year) of Free Maintenance.

12. Professional Logo and Icon Design, including an Engaging Application Welcome Screen.

13. Operational Tutorials to Facilitate Ease of Use

14. App Upload to Google Playstore and Apple Appstore

15. Low renewal costs.

Our pricing plans cover applications and websites in a general sense. The actual cost may vary, falling below or exceeding the specified pricing plan, depending on the specific requirements and features of the application or website you require.

The development process for Android and iOS applications takes approximately 7-14 working days. The duration depends on the features (additional custom features) as requested, such as:

  • Membership Features
  • Referral Feature (MLM)
  • Wholesale and Retail Prices
  • and more.

We provide you with the flexibility to purchase your own domain and hosting. However, the hosting or VPS specifications you select need to align with your application’s requirements. The minimum hosting or VPS prerequisites include:

  • Cloud Hosting (VPS Recommended)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 2GB SSD
  • SSL

We offer a free consultation for a more comprehensive understanding and detailed guidance. Feel free to reach out to us for assistance.

Currently, our primary focus is on the dynamic realm of E-Commerce, surrounding a wide spectrum of business elements such as:

  • Online Stores
  • E-Catalogs
  • Online Food and Beverage Ordering for Restaurants
  • Booking Activities for Tours
  • Booking Futsal Fields
  • Booking Barber Shop session
  • and more.

However, our expertise extends beyond these domains, and we are well-equipped to explore other application possibilities. Feel free to consult with us to explore your options.

We provide free maintenance services for 1 (one) full year to ensure that your application and website run properly and properly without any interruptions.

However, it should be understood that the maintenance services we provide do not include:

  • Content Update (Product, Product Price, Product Image)
  • Data Entry
  • Adding Features outside the agreement or work contract agreement

There is a chance for a charge or additional fee for including such a feature. The cost of adding a feature depends on the complexity of the specific feature in question.

We are open to any request. However, it can be accommodated for an extra cost. It’s worth noting that opting for a bundled approach at the project’s outset often results in a more cost-effective solution.