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Why Solcoat Digital Technology?

We provide digital services that competes on a global level

Upgrade your business and seize the limitless opportunities for success by opting for our premium services. Our services include e-commerce integration, search engine optimization, and analytical tracking that elevate your online presence and enhance your business’s credibility, reach, and conversion potential!

Mobile Apps Development

Unlock limitless possibility of success with your own Mobile App. Make your own business' apps to enhance sales, reduce operational cost, increases your brand presence and awareness.

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Website Development

Captivate and engage your target audience with your own website! With our expertise team, your website will be visually stunning and radiate your business' persona. Let's build your website and let your customers come to you!

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Content Creation

Connect your audience with your business through creative and engaging contents. Our talented team will guide you to input contents and design that will ultimately influence your target audience.

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About Us

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Solcoat Digital Technology (SDT) is a digital marketing company that is engaged in growing businesses through digital services and innovations

  • Support and assist businesses to operate effectively and efficiently in the digital era.
  • To help businesses to exceed their own capabilities and overcome limitations in order to compete effectively with other local and global companies.

We want to be an excellent company with a positive attitude that supports other businesses to develop their brand and reach their success.

Solcoat Digital Technology (SDT) believes that helping businesses grow efficiently using technological advances will open more opportunities for everyone’s success.

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Gebrina Oktaviani

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Khafid Bahtiar

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Mega Wulandari

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