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Why should Solcoat Digital Technology

Here is the reason

Make sure you invest your business capital to increase your business sales. By using the mobile application service that we built, you will get a powerful application and get after sales support from us as well as other benefits, including:

Increasing Income
With this application will increase the productivity of your business.
Sales Analysis
Comes with excellent CMS module and sales reports.
New Technology
Applications are built using the latest technology and languages.
Server Performance
Using the latest and very secure Virtual Private Server.
What's Included

We provide Data Analytics Techniques & Solutions

  • User Friendly UI / UX
  • Free Custom Design
  • Cart System
  • Coupon Code System
  • Wishlist
  • Appointment Booking
  • Shipping Gateway
  • Payment Gateway
Our Business Target

Who Needs Our Support?

Kami hampir mendukung segala kebutuhan bisnis dalam segala sektor, diantaranya :

About Us

The Solution for All Your Business Needs!

PT. Solcoat Digital Technology (SDT) is a company engaged in digital information technology and focuses on e-commerce.

  • To make it easier for business people to do business in the digital era.
  • Helping businesses with the belief that e-commerce can provide opportunities
    to grow and compete more effectively in local and global economies.
  • Helping business people develop their business in the digital era.

To be a good company that works in a healthy manner. Companies that help business people to develop their businesses.

PT. Solcoat Digital Technology (SDT) aims to help businesses operate and reach people more easily and efficiently by taking advantage of technological advances.

Pricing Plan

Pricing Plan with Specification

The following is a price plan that we offer. Prices may vary based on plan you choose.

Basic Plan
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  • Android Apps
  • iOS Apps
  • Website
  • Whatsapp Chat Integration
  • VPS 4GB
  • Admin Dashboard
Pro Plan
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  • Android Apps
  • iOS Apps
  • Website
  • Whatsapp Chat Integration
  • VPS 6GB
  • Admin Dashboard
Corporate Plan
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  • Android Apps
  • iOS Apps
  • Website
  • Whatsapp Chat Integration
  • VPS 8GB
  • Admin Dashboard
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Our Leadership Team

Muhammad Fauzi

Sales & Marketing

Gebrina Oktaviani

Sales & Marketing

Khafid Bahtiar

SPV Programmer

Mega Wulandari

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